LOCK+LOAD Wet Cast Retaining Wall System

Lock + Load is a wall system that allows us to build MSE walls with full compaction to the back of the block face. We eliminate the lightly compacted zone that has been a staple of other block systems.

Lock + Load has been well received and is currently being used in designs around the world by engineers for Landscaping, Shoreline, Storm-water, Highway, Rail and other soil retention solutions.

LOCK+LOAD is comprised of two pieces; a panel, and a counterfort that are assembled into a “Modular Cantilever”.  The assembled LOCK+LOAD  module has a face area of 3.5 square foot and weighs some 130 lbs or < 40lbs/sf making it the largest manually installed retaining wall facing on the market.

LOCK+LOAD is used by itself for retaining walls in the five foot high range. For taller retaining walls,   LOCK+LOAD becomes a facing element for various types of retaining structures

Manufactured using a 5500 psi (minimum) concrete mix Lock + Load panels are steel and fiber reinforced. This produces superior performance in areas where high rates of freeze/thaw cycles are a concern.

As the Lock + Load Manufacturer and Dealer in Utah we look forward to helping you with your retaining wall needs. If you need design ideas, engineering assistance, installation professionals, or just the block delivered for your project, we can arrange professional help for you.