Redi-Rock is a complete wall solution that uses giant concrete blocks that stack up like Legos to create strong, great-looking walls. When you dig into the details though, it’s so much more.

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Live Load Support
  • Coordinating Stairways
  • Steps and Caps
  • Redi Rock Specialty items are available, but not all items are available in all markets. Check with local distributors for availability.

Redi-Rock blocks stack up using a knob-and-groove design and are installed using an excavator and a small crew. The massive size of each block translates into saved time on installation.

Wall Sketcher

Redi-Rock® blocks are designed to make your project look great. Each block is formed using architectural-grade precast concrete made to look like natural stone!

You’ll find Redi-Rock walls at hospitals, schools, shopping centers, sports complexes, neighborhood storm corridors, marinas, and tons of other locations:

  • Retaining Walls in Water
  • Bridge and Highway Retaining Walls
  • Rail Retaining Walls
  • Walls for Developments
  • Residential Walls
  • University and Campus Retaining Walls
  • Walls for Municipalities and Government Agencies
  • Power Industry Walls

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